Source code for gazu.entity

from . import client

from .cache import cache
from .sorting import sort_by_name

[docs]@cache def all_entity_types(): """ Returns: list: Entity types listed in database. """ return sort_by_name(client.fetch_all("entity-types"))
[docs]@cache def get_entity(entity_id): """ Returns: dict: Retrieve entity matching given ID (It can be an entity of any kind: asset, shot, sequence or episode). """ return client.fetch_one('entities', entity_id)
[docs]@cache def get_entity_type(entity_type_id): """ Returns: Retrieve entity type matching given ID (It can be an entity type of any kind). """ return client.fetch_one('entity-types', entity_type_id)
[docs]@cache def get_entity_types(): """ Returns: list: All entities types available in the API. """ return client.fetch_all('entity-types')