Source code for gazu.scene

from . import client as raw

from .sorting import sort_by_name
from .cache import cache
from .helpers import normalize_model_parameter
from .shot import get_sequence

default = raw.default_client

[docs]def new_scene(project, sequence, name, client=default): """ Create a scene for given sequence. """ project = normalize_model_parameter(project) sequence = normalize_model_parameter(sequence) scene = {"name": name, "sequence_id": sequence["id"]} return "data/projects/%s/scenes" % project["id"], scene, client=client )
[docs]@cache def all_scenes(project=None, client=default): """ Retrieve all scenes. """ project = normalize_model_parameter(project) if project is not None: scenes = raw.fetch_all( "projects/%s/scenes" % project["id"], client=client ) else: scenes = raw.fetch_all("scenes", client=client) return sort_by_name(scenes)
[docs]@cache def all_scenes_for_project(project, client=default): """ Retrieve all scenes for given project. """ project = normalize_model_parameter(project) scenes = raw.fetch_all("projects/%s/scenes" % project["id"], client=client) return sort_by_name(scenes)
[docs]@cache def all_scenes_for_sequence(sequence, client=default): """ Retrieve all scenes which are children from given sequence. """ sequence = normalize_model_parameter(sequence) return sort_by_name( raw.fetch_all("sequences/%s/scenes" % sequence["id"], client=client), )
[docs]@cache def get_scene(scene_id, client=default): """ Return scene corresponding to given scene ID. """ return raw.fetch_one("scenes", scene_id, client=client)
[docs]@cache def get_scene_by_name(sequence, scene_name, client=default): """ Returns scene corresponding to given sequence and name. """ sequence = normalize_model_parameter(sequence) result = raw.fetch_all( "scenes/all", {"parent_id": sequence["id"], "name": scene_name}, client=client, ) return next(iter(result or []), None)
[docs]def update_scene(scene, client=default): """ Save given scene data into the API. """ return raw.put("data/entities/%s" % scene["id"], scene, client=client)
[docs]def new_scene_asset_instance(scene, asset, description="", client=default): """ Creates a new asset instance on given scene. The instance number is automatically generated (increment highest number). """ scene = normalize_model_parameter(scene) asset = normalize_model_parameter(asset) data = {"asset_id": asset["id"], "description": description} return "data/scenes/%s/asset-instances" % scene["id"], data, client=client )
[docs]@cache def all_asset_instances_for_scene(scene, client=default): """ Return the list of asset instances listed in a scene. """ scene = normalize_model_parameter(scene) return raw.get( "data/scenes/%s/asset-instances" % scene["id"], client=client )
[docs]@cache def get_asset_instance_by_name(scene, name, client=default): """ Returns the asset instance of the scene that has the given name. """ return raw.fetch_first( "asset-instances", {"name": name, "scene_id": scene["id"]}, client=client, )
[docs]@cache def all_camera_instances_for_scene(scene, client=default): """ Return the list of camera instances listed in a scene. """ scene = normalize_model_parameter(scene) return raw.get( "data/scenes/%s/camera-instances" % scene["id"], client=client )
[docs]@cache def all_shots_for_scene(scene, client=default): """ Return the list of shots issued from given scene. """ scene = normalize_model_parameter(scene) return raw.get("data/scenes/%s/shots" % scene["id"], client=client)
[docs]def add_shot_to_scene(scene, shot, client=default): """ Link a shot to a scene to mark the fact it was generated out from that scene. """ scene = normalize_model_parameter(scene) shot = normalize_model_parameter(shot) data = {"shot_id": shot["id"]} return"data/scenes/%s/shots" % scene["id"], data, client=client)
[docs]def remove_shot_from_scene(scene, shot, client=default): """ Remove link between a shot and a scene. """ scene = normalize_model_parameter(scene) shot = normalize_model_parameter(shot) return raw.delete( "data/scenes/%s/shots/%s" % (scene["id"], shot["id"]), client=client )
[docs]def update_asset_instance_name(asset_instance, name, client=default): """ Update the name of given asset instance. """ path = "/data/asset-instances/%s" % asset_instance["id"] return raw.put(path, {"name": name}, client=client)
[docs]def update_asset_instance_data(asset_instance, data, client=default): """ Update the extra data of given asset instance. """ asset_instance = normalize_model_parameter(asset_instance) path = "/data/asset-instances/%s" % asset_instance["id"] return raw.put(path, {"data": data}, client=client)
[docs]@cache def get_sequence_from_scene(scene, client=default): """ Return sequence which is parent of given shot. """ scene = normalize_model_parameter(scene) return get_sequence(scene["parent_id"], client=client)